How AI benefits MNC’s

AI for Business Transformation

Customer engagement

  • Supercharge agent productivity with the support of virtual agents and intelligent automation tools
  • Deliver timely, conversational customer interactions based on context and customer intent
  • Drive customers to digital experiences that can improve both speed and quality of resolution
  • Automate and scale consistency across all channels
  • Increase digital adoption by delivering personalized interactions

Revenue growth

  • Maximize value per customer by pinpointing highly relevant products and offers for prospective and current buyers
  • Reach customers across channels by utilizing our universal decision engine, while driving higher levels of engagement by continually optimizing with AI
  • Increase ongoing productivity of marketing media through AI and machine learning-enabled attribution

Artificial Intelligence help detect financial crime.

  • Develop enterprise-wide policies and standards
  • Identify emerging criminal patterns through non-rule based, self-learning detection that uses advanced data mining, predictive analytics and pattern recognition
  • Leverage AI to prioritize case investigations, lower false positive rates and increase rule targeting accuracy
  • Enhance compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and other regulations



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