docker_image_cmd- docker pull anujdocker9799/ml-docker-1:latest



Lets start ,

We need docker , Let us configure docker and install it in our system.

operating system — RHEL8

Configuring repository for docker

Path: /etc/yum.repos.d/docker.repo

content :


Installing docker — yum install docker-ce -- nobest

note* cmd is yum install docker-ce -- nobest

Starting service and making permanent -

systemctl start docker , systemctl enable docker

docker pull centos:latest

docker run -it --name task1 centos:latest

Now we are in container ,

Installing python inside container ,

pip3 install numpy

pip3 install pandas

pip3 install sklearn

Make directory or workspace (TASK1)

Creating python ML program and putting SalaryData.csv file.

using docker cp copy files inside container

docker cp Salary_Data.csv (imageid):/(directory_name)

Creating python ML program and putting SalaryData.csv file.

Use python3 command to run the model

Running file it will prompt for Year of Experience and Output the Salary to you.

Thank You .





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