Routing Table task-13

🔰 Create a Setup so that you can ping google
but not able to ping Facebook from same system

Using route table rules to control networking in linux , using route tables and creating rules such that we can ping google but not facebook .

Lets start ,

In the above ss we can see that we can ping to google and facebook easily .

Note > ip of google server =

Note > ip of facebook server =

To see the route table rules use these cmd here we can see 1 rule for its for our computer to reach all the ip’s in the world .

Deleting default rule of route table now we cant connect to any ip .

Google facebook etc cant be reached now .

Also adding route rule for ip of google along with netmask and gateway ip and NIC card .

We can see the rule added for ip of google server

Now we have connectivity to google server and not for facebook server .

Thank you .

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