TASK 4 ST2021 TASk 35.1,35.2,35.3 ARTH

🔅 Task 4.1 ST2021

Team members:

Sudeep Gupta , Arprit Singh, Parth Patel , Nitesh Gupta, Anuj Gupta

📌 Create image by yourself Using Python Code

🔅 Task 4.2

📌 Take 2 image crop some part of both image and swap it.

🔅 Task 4.3

📌 Take 2 image and combine it to form single image. For example collage

Croping and swapping two parts of images

First we need to crop our Images.

For this, we are going to manually select the dimensions of the cropped image we want.

Once we have both the cropped images. We can assign the new cropped image dimensions to one of the previous image on the same place from which we have cropped.

Combining two images to form one

It can be very easily done.

first, we will take two images and match their dimensions.

If the dimensions don’t match we can manually adjust them. Once the images have the same dimensions from which they have to be combined. we can stack them using numpy’s hstack() or vstack() functions.





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